Humble and Hungry

5 Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth.

This verse is really interesting actually. It is lifted almost directly from Psalm 37v11. Jesus here in verse 5 quotes this Psalm which says:

11 But the meek shall inherit the earth; and shall delight themselves in the abundance of peace.

Meekness is being gentle, kind and humble. Its having a Spirit of kindness and genuine humility. We sometimes think though that meek people are weak people. Those gentle, kind people we see usually as the weak one. The strong ones to us are the hard, brash, bold people but thats not true is it? Jesus was and is always kind,gentle and the model of meekness but He was never ever weak. So meekness must mean more than just being weak.

The word meekness actually carries behind it, lots of imagery. A good comparison or illustration of meekness is the sea. The sea can be calm yet has the might to destroy cities e.g. In the tsunami that hit Japan. Like the sea, being meek is being humble whilst knowing that there is strength inside that if we chose could destroy people. It’s holding back when we know we have the strength in us to destroy something or someone or to take credit for what we’ve done. Being meek is restraining strength that is inside us and choosing to be humble instead. Look at Jesus, He was the Son of God, He could of destroyed the world, yet he humbled Himself and restrained His strength, dying for us on the cross. It’s about not trying to force yourself into the limelight but instead being humble trusting that God sees your effort and that your not seeking glory for it.

But why even bother seeking to be meek because its a hard thing to be? Its tough because its hard seeing other people getting credit for things and knowing that maybe you had an even bigger part in it because that’s an area you are particularly strong in. Maybe we researched into a subject and then someone comes and hijacks our ideas. I really struggle with this at times, sometimes I just wanna shout they didn’t do everything I had a part too. Its so hard to let it slide. The thing that helps me though is this and is the reason why we should be meek is that, none of us do any of it in our strength. Its not how much of a part we have in it but how little. We all have equally no effect on anything because all we do is in Gods strength. Therefore it really doesn’t matter who gets “credit” for it here on earth because all the glory is and is to be given to God.  The key is to realise that God does it all, He just lets us, I was gonna say help, but He lets us flounder around but somehow still uses us because it simply makes Him happy. He loves when we are humble knowing that its all through Him that we can do wonderful things.

Psalm 149v4 says

For the Lord takes pleasure in his people;
he adorns the humble with salvation.

The Lord takes pleasure in His people who are humble. I love the way the NLT puts it as well.

For the Lord delights in his people;
he crowns the humble with victory.

Thats immense, He crowns those who are humble with victory. As Christians humility should be one of our traits. That we’d let people walk all over us rather than glorify ourselves because we realise that all we are is because of Jesus, not of us.

So if we are humble we will inherit the earth. What does that mean. Will we become Kings and Queens of earth if we are humble? Will we become rich? Well not exactly, well we will but not of things of this actual world. What God is taking about here isn’t earthly authority or earthly wealth but the new earth. The one that John saw in Revelation 21 when He said:

21 And I saw a new heaven and a new earth: for the first heaven and the first earth were passed away; and there was no more sea.

When Jesus comes back and after all is done He will redeem the world, make a new one put simply, and a new heaven. So what He is saying here is that the humble will inherit my coming Kingdom, the new earth.

Being meek seems so radical to us but its not really that radical to us as Christians or at least it shouldn’t be. Think about it. What do we need to realise to be saved. That we sin and we need to honestly be sorry for our sin…ring a bell, verse 4 be mournful about sin. Then we need to realise that we can’t save ourselves because we are nothing but that Jesus can save us….again ring any bells, verse 5 and verse 3 as well. be meek and humble and be poor in spirit, realise we are nothing, realise that we can’t save ourselves. So as Christians we should already know this. We should already hate sin and be poor of spirit and be meek because we have to be to become Christians but as I said earlier we sometimes, quite a lot of the time if your like me, simply forget.

6 Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness: for they shall be filled.

What is behind this verse then? Well as I scanned over my bibles I looked at my KJV bible notes and I quickly realised that their wasn’t actually any notes on this verse. I thought about this for a while then realised something. Maybe it actually just means what it says. Maybe there is no deeply hidden, secret meaning behind the word “hunger” or a deep theological reason why the word “filled” was used. Maybe it actually just means, those who really long to be right in the eyes of God will be satisfied. Those Christians who recognise that God is the ultimate source of true and real righteousness so much so that they long to be as righteous as He is and to see it in people’s lives, then they will be satisfied.

Why does really wanting to be righteous, being right before God, and just like Jesus satisfy? Well being righteous like Jesus only comes to people who have Jesus. They will be satisfied simply because in order to strive to be righteous like Jesus, we need to actually have Jesus and that means having a relationship with Him. Those of us who are Christians know that Jesus satisfies from personal experience, He’s the only one who does. Once we enter this relationship with God or driving purpose should be to obey Him. Christians we are told here that we should long to be righteous like Jesus. That requires effort. It requires loving God with all our hearts, leaving what we want outside and completely embracing Gods way. To be right with God and do what He says, even when we find it goes against every bone in our bodies. To value being right with God and walking with Him over friends, family, money, future, relationships, cars, everything. To love Him so much that we just want to be as close and as right with Him as we can be. If you read your bible and pray seeking God,  your life and view of Jesus will be changed. I’m not gonna beat around the bush, I really have an issue with reading in general. I loathe it. So at times I find it hard to read my bible but when you get into it honestly, reading it and bringing your problems before God, He will change you. He will speak into every situation you have and you’ll fall in love with Him again. When we actually spend time with God and seek to be right with Him, He satisfies. Once we have this relationship with Him and we want more than anything to be right in Gods sight, then thats when we will be satisfied and filled as verse 6 says.

I just want to ask you something I had to ask myself over the past while as I prepared this. You know the times when your Christian life seems dull, when its not as exciting as it once was, when it doesn’t even seem real and we all get like this. Is it because we aren’t longing to be righteous like Jesus anymore. Have we lost that drive?. Have we lost the drive that brings us down to the side of our beds, humble and meek before God, to pray like in Matthew 6v10:

“Thy will be done”

Praying Lord do what you want with my life, make me like you. If we have lost the drive to be righteous like Jesus lets be sorry for our sin and sorry for losing that drive. Realise we are nothing and can do nothing and ask God to make us righteous like Jesus and He will. We will be satisfied.

This is one of the things I really would love us to get as Christians because Christian life will be miserable until we really put effort into getting to know Jesus. He more than satisfies. Lets seek to be like Jesus and hunger to be righteous like Him because then we’ll realize He more than satisfies. Just be like Jesus.

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